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Considering the way laptops are built, the problem of overheating is feasible and foreseeable. Laptops are designed in a unique way that it can carry out so many functions. Overheating in laptops is very common, that so many laptops operators or owners find it very disturbing or at times not concerned.

However, overheating laptops which have been for long bought can be caused by internal parts or hardware. Overheating in laptops should not give a serious concern to owners or operators if it can be controlled.

One thing to consider when your laptop overheats is the amount of air running inside the laptop. Therefore, if serious attention is paid to this, the issue of overheating will be history. These are ways by which overheating can be controlled

1.        Get a Cooling Pad

Getting a laptop coolers or cooling pad is a good and effective means of preventing an occasion of overheating, while using your laptop and also provide available means of placing your laptop on a clean surface, rather than that your regular table.

Cooling pads serve as hardware attached to your laptop. Therefore, what cooling pads do is to provide additional air or cooling to the laptop.

Before you decide to get a cooling pad, you must understand the amount of air that flows in and out of your laptop. Otherwise, you might complicate the problem of overheating on your laptop and the purpose of the cooling pad will be defeated.

Ensure you check spots where the air emitting from the laptop is situated. The cooling air cannot be engulfed by the cooling pad underneath the laptop otherwise; it will contribute to the heating of the laptop.

If the spots of airflow intake are located at the bottom of your laptop, consider getting a cooling pad that blows air towards them.

2.        Lift your Laptop off the Table

Millions of laptops overheating are caused by lack of proper ventilation under the laptop. Considering the heat that emanates from your laptop, I am not expecting you to place your laptop on your laps! Health wise it is dangerous and cannot even be comfortable for you.

Raising your laptop is an easy means of elevating the laptop, which prevents your laptop from overheating by maintaining constant airflow with balancing. You can do this by putting a book underneath, if you want to try this out.

You need to do it in such a way that it will not cause blockage of airflow intake. Ensure not to put warm objects or any object that will be blowing warm air into your laptop, do not put your laptop on your lap (as stated earlier) or your furniture, soft objects like pillow or bed as most laptops intake cooling air through their bottoms.

3.        Stay Off from Heat Conditions

Using your laptop in a high temperature environment may result to overheating of your laptop. While using your laptop, consider operation under a relatively cool environment or are to avoid overheating.

For instance, operating on laptop outdoor under direct sunlight is improper. Even if your laptop does not overheat, the conditions of a heat inflicted environment will more likely cause overheating which may damage your battery.

4.        Consider Internal Cooling Fan and Fix it

According to technologists and experts, it is always advisable to operate on a computer under a cool environment embellished with Air-Conditioner.

Not doing this will definitely result into problems at times, of which the most common is attraction of dust and dirt which will slow down airflow and may even cause blockage. Dust and dirt cause hot or little air blowing through the fan vent of your laptop vents.

At worst cases, no air at all! It is advisable when overheating occurs to check the fan which serve as cooling to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and clean it. Before you do this, ensure that your laptop is unplugged and powered off. Then use cotton swab to clean out dust or consider using computer vacuum.

While cleaning, be careful and check out for sensitive components. If you find it difficult in doing this get a Computer Engineer to do it for you.

5.        Watch for Intense Processes on while Operating on your Laptop

Ensure you always keep close watch during laptop usage to keep your laptop stable. It is fine to say a laptop is a computer, no doubt about that! Note that laptop designers must have imputed it limitations too, which every machine has too.

A lot of laptop users are using their own hands to crash their computers on a gradual process. As stated earlier, laptop is designed in a wholesome way. That is, it comprises: speaker, Central Processing Unit, Monitor, etc. Imagine the number of functions or activities a laptop will undergo under its usage by an uninformed user.

The CPU is a very vital part of the laptop. Therefore, keeping your computer from overheating may sometimes depend on you. This hinges on the activities you performed on your computer which may keep the CPU intense.

Most common is computer games, loading a website with Flash etc. which will get the Central Processing Unit more intense by making it more hotter, running harder than before. It is advisable to perform these activities on a desktop.

6.        Installing Temperature Monitoring Software

There is plethora of programs designed to keep tabs on the rate of temperature on laptop. This will enable regular check on the internal temperature of your laptop to remain within the optimal temperature range.

By installing this kind of software, you will be able to provide immediately response to any form of overheating.

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