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The biggest problem of battery is the battery itself. You may seem worried about the battery laptop, which you have been using for a long time. Of course, it was not like that when you actually bought it.

Trust me, if your laptop battery has a bad and epileptic life span will interpret finding your way to an electricity connection especially if you are the regular user of a laptop and you cannot be comfortable with such situation.

Here are the ways you are killing the battery of your laptop and to further guide you next time when using your laptop.

1.         Screen Brightness

Laptops display is a great consumer of battery. Adjusting your laptop screen brightness or dimming your laptop is the most obvious way to increase the life span of your battery.

You can adjust the screen brightness of your laptop on your system tray or your battery icon by clicking on battery icon. You will find the battery icon, on the lower bottom of your laptop by the right.

After clicking on the battery icon, you will find the ‘adjust screen brightness’ option, click on it then, you can now adjust your system brightness by changing how you want it at the lower right bottom of your home screen and click on it.

In reducing the brightness of your screen, you also have to consider the environment you are using that laptop. For instance, if you are the type that uses laptop outdoors, you will need to adjust the screen brightness to fit that kind of environment to see what you are doing on your system.

2.         Close Unused Apps, Programs and Disable Unused Laptop Features

This should be quite easy for you as a user. Of course, even if you are the multitasking type, you cannot be using all applications or necessary features at the same time.

Like wi-fi, when there is no wi-fi available, there is no need to be connected, turn off your wireless adapter. Disable your wi-fi by a physical switch or function key on your laptop. You can also try out airplane mode or flight mode if you do not want to try it out that way.

This will significantly increase the amount of battery time on a charge. So also is Bluetooth, I think only few use the Bluetooth of their laptop for connectivity expect when connected to a wireless mouse.

3.         Control Heat

In one of my recent post, I wrote majorly on overheating of laptop and put forward five major ways it can be controlled. Basically, heat is an enemy to your laptop.

An overheating laptop will definitely necessitate a faster drain battery. These are the five major ways I pointed out in one of my previous articles for curtailing overheating in laptops: Get a cooling pad; Lift your laptop off the table; Stay off from heat conditions; Consider internal cooling fan and fix it; Watch for intense processes on while operating on your laptop; Installing temperature monitoring software.

4.         Built-in Power Management System

You can also regulate already set profile, usually to the function key command or a little dashboard within the system that enables to run through different power modes.

This function key command does come up with different names on the dashboard within the system. If you have an older laptop that does not have these features you can set it up manually.

You can change options in your control panel and create your own profile. Go to the control panel and create your own profile. Ordinarily windows by default have a balanced high performance yet things like maximum processor power can be set, you can set up what the laptop does when it is when it is plugged in in respect of the display to be turned and off.

5.         Depreciation in Quality

Nothing in this world last forever, though it is good to say that things last longer before they get faulty. Laptop batteries especially if it has been long since the user bought it, it will depreciate over time and it will not perform as it used to when first bought.

At times when laptop malfunction this way, though this is not really information for extending the life of your laptop battery, but it is advisable to get a spare laptop battery.

6.         Maintenance of the Laptop itself

I am strongly of the view that most times, any damage done to a computer, phone or any device could be mostly attributed to the user’s fault. At times if not most times, the ways a user handles the laptop may likely affect the battery.

Thinking of dust that gets into laptop at times, occur as a result of the user not paying close attention to the airflow of the laptop. The way you keep the laptop matters a lot. If you are the type that keeps laptop under heat conditions, you laptop will definitely fall short of a good standard laptop battery.

7.         Power Saver Option

Go to the battery icon at the lower right bottom of your home screen and click on it. This will significantly reduce the amount of battery drain of your laptop even though it may reduce your computer’s performance where possible.

8.         Use Earphone, Earpiece or Ear buds over Laptop Speakers

There will be less consumption of power by your laptop if earphones, earpiece or ear buds are used instead of your laptop speakers to listen to music or watch videos.

They do consume a little less power compared to cranking up the volume of the laptop speakers themselves.  If you are the type that is not a fan of earphones, earpiece or ear buds, try to reduce the volume of laptop built-in speakers when using them or even turn them off when not in usage to save power.

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