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As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trail approaches, he stole the show as he boasted about his economic fulfilment at Davos, Switzerland.

Before he did this he told reporters before heading to the meeting about the impeachment yoke being attached to him. He termed it as a “hoax” and “witch hunt”.

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“It’s a witch hunt that’s been going on for years and it’s frankly, it’s disgraceful,” he added.

At the meeting, Trump referred to his economic achievements and fulfilment, moving the crowd away from the impeachment scenario being pulled back at home. He attributed all these to his hard work and zeal.

Speaking to the financiers, economic giants and dignitaries, Trump attributed the rapid development in the U.S economy to his tax cuts, slashed regulations and fixing broken trade deals.

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“I knew that if we unleashed the potential of our people, if we cut taxes, slashed regulations — and we did that at a level that’s never been done before in the history of our country in a short period of time — fixed broken trade deals and fully tapped American energy, that prosperity would come thundering back at a record speed,”.Trump spoke to the economic inclined crew. “And that is exactly what we did and that is what happened.”

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However, back at home the Senate will resume impeachment trial against Trump later on Tuesday.



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