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Possible Publishing On Blockchain



We have come a long way since the Internet was first invented. That technological breakthrough has opened not only doors but many windows into the new world and showed people more options than what “real life” had to offer.

Today, with dial-up being a thing of the past, a mere relic for us to tell our grandchildren about, the world economy has shifted, marketing methods have changed, new careers and jobs opened, and they are not related only to technology innovations anymore.

Today people aim to both bring the Internet into their daily lives and bring their daily lives onto the Internet, with some suffering from the effects the Internet has caused.

There are new payment systems available, new platforms for studying, ways to earn money, but also entertain ourselves.

Almost everything is digitized, including books. There are people on Kindle now, and other reading devices all around us.

But is publishing an ebook as easy as scrolling through the pages?

We witness a massive change in the publishing industry that could not have come without the powers of the Internet.

Indie publishing is in rapid growth, but what does it mean for traditional publishing houses?

Even though traditional publishers deal with all the marketing aspects of publishing, indie authors would like to take things in their own hands, regain control and not suffer massively if their book is not sold as it’s supposed to be, based on the publisher’s promises.

They could simply remove their book from one platform to another, and not even that – online publishing gives them the potential of posting their content on multiple platforms at the same time!

It might sound as equal as to the real-life bookstores, but think about the effort a traditional published must go through to send in the books, while an author waits, and then think about how easy it is for an indie author to publish. A few clicks are all it takes. 

It has become true that traditional publishers don’t support indie publishing, but they are powerless.

Amazon and other platforms have helped drop the prices for e-books and also drop the quality of published works. But one thing remained the same – a third party fee for publishing. 

What if there is a way to earn 100% of royalties without owing anything to the platform authors publish on? Imagine the massive movement of people, driven to their full earnings.

All they would be responsible for would be marketing – they did that before – and paying their taxes – also dealt with before.

And it’s easier to pay taxes if you earn 100% of what you’re worth.

There’s only one catch – the platform works on a blockchain with the only payment option being cryptocurrency.

This is the only way (for now) for authors to get their royalties in full.

The platform is called Book Network

It is built on Tron blockchain with ART (Authors Rewards Token) and TRX (Tron) as a means of payment to authors.

How does it work? For now, the only way to upload PDFs is to contact their CEO Victor via email or Telegram.

They are working on enabling authors to upload on their own, and since it’s a new platform, it might take a few months.

Once the PDF is uploaded it is instantly available on the website and users can buy it using ART or TRX.

Once the PDF is bought, it is sent straight into the buyer’s email and once the payment is confirmed, all the tokens are deposited to the author’s wallet.

Troubleshooting the wallet creation is another topic.

There are many ways to do so, and also many apps for cryptocurrency users to help them receive payments.

The authors can then exchange ART token on the exchanges for Tron and then for USD and withdraw to their bank accounts.

If the author received TRX, it can be exchanged for USD instantly on many exchanges.

PDFs are copyright protected.

So far ART has not been listed as a USD pair for trading, once that happens users will be able to exchange ART directly into USD and cash out.

The most important thing to mention is that in cryptocurrency world users pay extremely small fees for exchanging digital currencies – in cents even!

That is the beauty of it; people can transfer thousands of dollars and barely even notice a transaction fee!

But let’s not forget the other side – people who wish to buy ebooks can buy ART token with Tron and use it on the platform or use Tron directly.

The PDFs will be delivered on their devices and email as soon as the payment is processed, which usually takes less than 10 seconds.

The buying and selling process of books is decentralized, meaning that the platform doesn’t charge any fees for posting the PDF or the transactions.

It’s made possible because digital currency is used.

There will also be an incentive for readers, as Book Network will connect to Project Gutenberg and build a portal for readers to reward them in cryptocurrency.

Gutenberg gave a green light for API use for the portal building. Soon people will earn while reading!

Blockchain has the potential of changing many industries of today.

Once the definition of cryptocurrencies becomes widely accepted between states, there will be no limit to what can be done combining the two.

But for now, its users shouldn’t hide in the shadows or run to the Deep Web.

Its users should be motivated to show other people how to join, explore and learn something new because chances are – publishing ebooks on Book Network could just spark the beginning of mass adoption.

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