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You must have seen my previous post in Internet and your business growth. If you have not seen that, you can check it out here.

In my previous post as regards this subject, I discussed on three factors when taking your business to the internet.

They are social media, website and online shopping and online supply chain.

This post will however dwell mostly on ethics and behavioural pattern of business owners on these platforms.

If God is willing, I may consider this as series perhaps a weekly dosage for business owners.

Based on my personal life experiences I will always tell people to ask questions before embarking on any activity.

This should not be an exception to business owners who want to experience the taste of business.

Who Should You Ask Questions From?

You cannot just go all about asking inexperience or even persons who have not try out internet alongside their business or businesses. You may endanger your business, finance and income.

What is the Reason for this Danger?

Quite simple! You will definitely be spending your time, expenses, strength in running your business with internet. If you have no prior knowledge on how this is being done. Let me call tragic!

Set Your Goals                                                                                   

This statement still spans from the issue of ‘not rushing’.

A goal setter is a goal getter! A goal setter is an achiever! Every success has a foundational dream!

What are your goals? Are you planning to spread your business internationally?

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This is the dream of almost every business owner.

Are you only bothered about instant income only? Can you sustain the taste of your customers?

Know your goals and be determined to pursue them.

Knowledge as a Key!

If you really want to attribute the success or most of the successes of your business to the internet, you must come to the ‘known’. How exactly?

1.         Seek Out

Assistance as it may sound but it is not loitering around people for assistance. It will quite great to meet the successful persons who have made their businesses great through the internet and on internet.

2.         Get the Skills

You will not just sought out without getting tips and skills. This will not go without trainings and workshops as I stated earlier. To feel assured for a start go on personal training voyage!

Acquiring as much internet skills will never be bad for your business. Be acquainted with handling social media platforms, feedback system, complaint system for customers and products seekers, website control, control system for online shopping and supply.

3.         Cherish the Value

There is a saying that, “you don’t value what you have until you lose it”.

This would definitely fit in here to some extent. Let me modify the expression more clearly, “having invested a lot to put your business on various internet platforms, it will be tragic not to maintain and put such idea in order”.

After Putting Things In Place What Next?

This will bring me definitely to what this post is all about.

A business owner cannot just handle internet platforms for his business like the way he or she handles his own personal platforms.

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Business owners must exhibit some ethics in order evade setback in their businesses.

In fact, if a business owner is not up to the game, it is better not to bring his or her business into the limelight of the internet.

1.         Create a Favourable and Accommodating Environment

This is where a lot of business owners miss it. Even without being on any internet platforms, it is a job on the path of business owners to make business suitable for customers and products seekers.

A favourable and accommodating environment for customers on your social media platform, website and in the process of online shopping and even when you provide supplies create good impression.

Never abandon any comments without attending to them.

This gives a sign of respect to customers and your internet platforms visitors.

I know you may ask questions as regards bad comments when you see bad comments that may defame your business and even destroy such built up business.

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Still, attend to such comments. You see, the public can never be wrong in their own eyes.

Your ability to address problems, mistakes on your own part, creates a good feedback system.

You must have seen situations where top-notch businesses are trolled on social media platforms like twitter for one problem or the other, which force out reply of these businesses (but addressed properly).

2.         Apologise for Unexpected Situation

Human beings are not perfect. As such, in the line of your business, circumstances will come up where mistakes, business hiccups may manifest.

Take your time to apologise to every victim of such situation. This creates a sense of responsibility.

3.         Bring Customers to ‘the Known’

In light of these unforeseen circumstances, your customers, products seekers need explanations.

This may be as a result of defective products which a product seeker requested.

Let the person know about the situation instead of sending supplying such defective product.

In a situation where delay delivery is forthcoming, and an order has already being placed, give explanations for such.

4.          Engage Your Online Platforms

Never keep your internet platforms idle or scanty. Share pictures and videos of your products.

At times, provide educative means about your products. Not only your product should you provide educative means about.

You can educative upcoming business owners (but make sure this happens after you have established your business both on the internet and without internet).

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In case you do not know, not only customers visit your online platforms. There will definitely be visitors! Who knows they may turn customers or perhaps provide referrals?

5.         Employ Internet Platform Handlers

This will definitely ease things for you as a business owner alongside promoting your business.

In fact, when trying out internet platform handlers, consider professionalism. This would cost but the gain is more.

6.         Never Consider Playing Customers

Do not misrepresent products or services to seekers. If there is not, there is not! If there is, there is!

Most business owners place contents on their online platforms to attract people which turns out that they do not have such products represented on their platforms.

7.         Never Shun Advisers

Despite your business growth, advisers are always needed.

I am not making it a point of authority for you to employ business strategists. If you want to try it out, it is okay!

Never forget that random advice is not useless. Sieve out the good ones and shun the discouraging ones.

8.         Don’t Forget Freebies

Yes! People love freebies. I will place this not as ethics for business owners. As I do say, consider your means and the state of your business.

Thanks for reading through. Feel free to share if you find this post useful!




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