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In this post, I will show you how to open a Gmail account.

Then after, I will give you tips on tips to put in mind after opening your Gmail account.

Where to Start From?

The first thing required is to open your browser.

In the address bar of your browser, type’ or ‘’.

This will direct you to the Gmail homepage.

If you are on the homepage, you will go to the top right hand corner, where you will find a button called ‘Create an Account’.

Just click on the button.

After clicking on the button, a new page will open, where you can fill in a form and create a new Google Account or Gmail Account.

Start filling in information required on the form.

You will be required to fill in the following:

1.         Name

Both first and last name is required to be filled.

2.         Choosing Your Username

A Gmail username is just what will look like this:

This is what can be seen as Email address.

Choosing a username can be difficult at times especially when someone had already taken it.

In situations like this Google will provide alternatives.

If you are so insistent in using that particular username, I will advise spicing it up with letters.

3.         Input Your Password

Have it in mind to use a strong password. Consider using at least 8 characters.

A lot do not take this serious when opening social media account, creating profile on a website and so on.

Maybe your laptop overheats; you can get tips on what to do to eliminate the overheating that will be helpful.

Do not use information personal to you that is familiar with people as password.

Do not use a password from another site or something too obvious like your pet’s name, date of birth, place of work, any other names of yours, phone numbers, and kin’s name.

This is one of the major things cybercriminals look into to commit atrocities.

Make sure you do not use the same password for all your internet account.

This is a guide of how your password should look like: gR&%25Owlike

4.         Confirm Your Password

This will require you typing the same password you’ve input. It’s up to you, which password you choose.

5.         Birth Date

Lol! You should know your date of birth.

The pattern is simple just the day, month and year.

Let’s take for instance; day: 5, month: February, year: 1907. Simple!

6.         Gender

Fill in your gender whether as male or female.

7.         Mobile Phone

Fill in your mobile phone number with your country code.

Take for instance, if I want to fill mine as a Nigerian, I will start with the +234 code followed by my mobile phone number.

Although this is not mandatory as you can skip it.

8.         Your Current Email Address

If you already have an email address, you can enter it.

Just like mobile phone number, filling email address is not compulsory.

You may skip it if you don’t have an existing email address.

9.         Verification Step

This involves captcha system. Simply fill the texts that will be shown to you on the screen.

This is a number that is automatically generated so when you are filling the form, you will see a different number.

Google is trying to verify through this captcha that you are not a robot.

10.         Location

After selecting your country, read Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Just right click and open them in new tabs.

Then agree to Google terms of service.

Also approve that Google may use account information to personalise +1s on content and ads on non-Google websites.

But before that, read about personalisation.

If you’ve done this then just go to the next step. Then your profile will come up.

11.         Profile Photo

If you have your profile picture available at hand, you can click on ‘add profile photo’ to upload it right away. If not you can skip that step to upload your profile picture later.

12.         Click ‘Continue to Gmail’

This will automatically log you in to Gmail profile. You will have three emails from the Gmail team.

Food For Thought after Creating a Gmail Account

It does not stops at opening a gmail account.

There are some tips a Gmail user or entirely an email user must put in mind before starting or even while using email.

1.         Make a Note of Your Password

This is for the purpose of remembering it next time in your next login.

2.         Do Not Use Any Random Device for Login

If urgency demands, log out if you’re done with using your account on a public device or any device that is not yours.

3.         Encrypt Your Gmail

If you want to know more on Gmail encryption, you can check here.

Email encryption is a requirement for everyone who sends sensitive information over the internet some of the largest Banks and corporations to protect their valuable data; it is a great requirement for businesses, real estate, financial services, insurance, legal businesses.












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