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With technological advancement, varieties have crawled in. A lot of social networks are being used today by many a social media user across the world for different purposes as different information come in on daily basis.

The state of  internet now  cannot be compare to what was available in the 90s.

A lot of social networks are being used today by persons across the world

This may be for business purposes, meeting people, making friends, dating and so on.

Social Media is simply the meeting of persons, interaction or communication online.

Billions of persons across the world make use social media regularly.

Social media connects and bring people together even at far distance.

Still, with the magic attached to social media, must a person take it for a joke?

For instance, since meeting on people is not equivalent to the physical meeting of persons, it brings a call that etiquette must set in, as it is in physicality.

A lot of activities are done on social media.

Based on this, lot of persons find their ways around social media if not regularly but once in a while.

This begs a question of “guidance.”

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No matter how long you have been in touch with that person online, it still calls for caution on your part.

Apart from the fact that you meet people on social media, you also send information and receive same.

Whatever information you are sending, is it beneficial to the populace or bad to them?

In the same manner, the information you digest one way or the other on social media;

Is it beneficial to you or harmful to you?

How do you approach people on social media?

Let’s quickly run through the cautions one must exhibit as a social media user.

1.         Being Careful of Information You Disseminate

Many social media network have pages which most users today.

Most users find it as a means to get information and even to disseminate information.

Most times, people do not get to add scrutiny to the information seen on social media.

Instead of this, they may act on it especially when it is applicable to them.

Today, a lot of persons on social media find means to make profit one way or the other.

Most especially, if some of them have websites that needs traffic,they send link to their social media pages or even special pages created for such purpose.

    social media user

As a social media user, you have to be sure of the information you intend sending to prevent misleading another user.

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Looking at how information travels fast, the misled user may act ignorantly. How?

He or she may not scrutinise the information gotten, and may also re-post such information on his own page.

2.         Not All Information on Social Media Is Worthy to Be    Digested As A Social Media User

As you should not send misleading information on social media, so also you should Asnot digest same.

This does not mean that there is always beneficial information available at all times on social media.

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This means before you consider relying on such information, you need to apply scrutiny to such information.

This will rule out altering in any form.

Most especially as regards your already acquired relevant knowledge or even misleading you to act wrongly.

    social media user

To complement, do not endorse information you are not certain about.

3.         Approach Matters As A Social Media User

Out of the number of activities carried out on social media, the most prevalent is communication between persons.

While meeting a person or group of persons on social media for the first time, you do not have to go hard on them.

Although, nowadays not every user of social media may mean good to you.


Respond adequately and raise questions if need be!

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Kindly note to set parameters within your communication.

If you are not familiar with that person and there is any presence of criminally inclined interaction, kindly avoid further communication and if possible please make use of your block button.

4.         Do Not Disclose Confidential Information

Disclosure of confidential information in relation to you can make you a victim of cybercrime.

You may not know who is unscrupulous since there is nothing like physicality on social media.

The reason being that all you can see about the person is photos, social media information provided and at times video.

What may be surprising is that all information about such person may be bogus, all with the aim to carrying out crime.

people on social media

Always ensure not to be moved to disclose your private information by a stranger’s convincing communication and online composure.

Most times, persons are always extra careful.

This extends to the extent of not filling the required information.

This includes information as regards their workplace, school and so on social media as a result of the fear of cybercrime or even other crimes.

5.         Act Reasonable in What You Post As A Social Media User

To avoid unnecessary exposure, as a social media user there are things you should not post on social media.

This include either as picture post or writing post.

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Whatever you must post must not be offensive or even contain obscene content.

This will not corrupt kids mind as they also find their ways around social media one way or the other.

This may be either through being a user or checking through their parents’ computers or phones.


Whatever you will post must also not be controversial and tensed.

This will rule out  online bully, abuse or tampering with human person online.


Even if you are a journalist, and your content to be posted is controversial, try and construct it in form of reporting.

This will take a form of news.




  1. Kimberly Nickson

    October 6, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    It is good that you have written a post about cautions we should take while using social media. Sometimes we need good reminders!

    • Ogundele Olamide

      October 6, 2019 at 6:15 pm

      Thanks for your compliments Kimberly and thanks for reading through.

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