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Have you ever thought of it, maybe there is another browser apart from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox? As it stands today, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has dominated the browsers world today painting other browsers as non-existing.

Although web surfers tend to pay attention to opera mini, that does not remove the fact that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox dominates the browsers world.

To complement this view, when one buys a new phone, such person may find the two browsers even though opera mini too can be found.

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When these phone users or computer users are being asked what gets them attached to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

You may receive cool responses regarding the experiences that come with using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but these experiences may come costly.

Now apart from opera mini that is well known, let’s consider other cool web browsers.

1.         Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi being a chromium based browser was released in 2016 and it is fitting with extensions from the chrome web store.

Vivaldi browser is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.


When you open the Vivaldi browser you will see that in the left side bar, there is an avenue for the note-taking application. Also in the side-bar, there is an avenue to view another website.

While in the lower bar, there contains the feature to capture web pages. You can check it out here.

2.         Avant Browser

This browser was initially released in 2004.

Avant browser only works on Windows operating systems. It also offers a light and ultimate version for download.

The light only includes an Internet Explorer rendering engine.

The ultimate version includes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Currently, the engine is set to chrome. To change the rendering engine select the icon just to the right of the address bar and then select whichever you want.


The Avant browser is a multi-processing browser. As a result, if one tab crashes it will not freeze the other tabs.

It also has a video sniffer which can detect videos on the webpage you are browsing. This also let you download them with just one click. You can check it out here.

3.         Opera Neon Browser

For an experimental browser, opera neon was released in 2017. It is one of the coolest looking browsers you should see.

Opera neon is available on Windows and Mac now. It spots a unique user interface along with some interesting features.

The search and address bar is also in a different location.

When you have opened a new page on opera neon, a tab bubble appears to the right of the browser. This tab bubble allows the opening of a new tab.

If you click the plus sign and you can either put in another URL or do another search.

To close a tab, click the X to the right at the top. To save a tab, click and drag it to the middle.

opera neon

Below the plus sign on the opera neon is the player feature. This player feature allows you to play a video having the audio right in the background.

On opera neon, you can also pause the video by clicking on the push out icon.

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You can have the video visible in a mini player no matter where you are in the browser.

Below the player is the Web Clipper, which allows you to snap any part of a web page.

This automatically gets saved to your gallery, which is directly below the web clipper icon. You can check it out here

4.          Ghost Browser

Ghost browser is productivity focused. Unlike most browsers, it is built on a premium model.

Ghost browser is available for Windows and Mac.

Whenever you first launch the ghost browser, it should notify you that a free premium trial has been activated.

The browser allows you to create separate browser sessions inside the same window.

This comes in handy, if you manage multiple social media profiles to be able to log into any website with multiple accounts from the same window.


This is a unique feature that most browsers cannot do.

After the trial, you can stick with the free version with limited functionality or for more features with which comes with cost per month. You can check it out here.

5.         Comodo IceDragon Browser

The icedragon browser is a Firefox based browser from the Comodo group.

Ice dragon is only available on Microsoft, Windows PCs running Windows Xp or newer.

If you have ever come across Firefox or you are using Firefox, you will notice that the layout is very similar.

It has full compatibility with Firefox add-ons.


Icedragon places serious emphasis on security as it uses secure DNS service.

This is done by default scans web pages for malware and blocks websites known for spying and phishing scams. You can check it out here.

6.         Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy browser is based on chromium source code and was initially launched in 2010.

Epic privacy browser is clearly available for systems running Windows 7 or newer and on Mac OS10.

Epic browser is a privacy centric browser has a lot of features that most people will love.

It has a free built-in VPN always on private browsing and it blocks many cookies and trackers while you are browsing.

 epic privacy browser

Epics encrypted proxy which is their VPN is easy to use.

In the upper right just select the epic proxy icon, select on then just select a country.

Since the primary focus is privacy, they do not offer a lot of extensions but there are few useful extensions that you can add on. You can check it out here.

7.         Pale Moon Browser

This browser was released in 2009 and it is based off the Firefox.

The pale moon browser is available on Windows, Linux and Android.

It even has the look of some older version of Firefox. The menu is in the upper left corner instead of the right.


You can install many of the Mozilla Firefox add-ons onto this browser. On the add-ons page you have two options for sites to get add-ons.

Pale moon browsers have been checked for compatibility and Mozilla maybe compatible with the pale moon. You can check it out here.

8.         Midori 

Madori is available for select Linux systems and on Windows.

It is a lightweight browser that should be considered on lowered powered systems for faster response times.

google chrome and mozilla

The default search engine is DuckDuckGo if you are the type that is concerned about privacy.

In the upper left corner, there is a speed dial feature for quick access to your favourite sites.

Midori even has a portable version that you can run from a USB stick. You can try it out here. 

9.         Maxthon

Maxthon browser was launched in 2002 making it one of the oldest browsers on the list.

It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS and even Windows phone.

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Maxthon also has a notepad, adblock plus and an RSS reader built in. It even has extensions and has a night mode which is easy to access.


Located at the top on the Maxthon page, if you select the icon in the far left corner, you will be taken to a new screen.

Here you will have access to you you mail which is a virtual mailbox service, path keeper which is a password manager

In the Mac’s note tab you have your bookmarks and anything else that you have saved across the internet. You can try it out here.

10.         Torch Browser

Torch browser was released in 2012. This is another chromium based browser that run extensions from the chrome store.

Torch browser is only available on Windows operating systems and it also supports advertisement.

browser google chrome and mozilla firefox

It is the ultimate entertainment browser as it has a lot of features.

For instance, it has a media grabber for downloading, streaming audio and video.

There are also torch games, where you can play games for free. All of the icons to these can be found at the top. You can try it out here. 



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