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Google AdSense is designed by Google for monetizing websites in 2003. The program works through serving advertisements on such websites of which the owners.

The system is governed by Google and can generate revenue for website publishers.

It is actually very important to preserve this Google AdSense account owners even though such owners are not using it.

Still, Google AdSense is not a sure thing, when it gets to earning money. One has to stick the whole rules designed by the Google AdSense team to ensure equity is served by not cheating advertisers and also ensuring a publisher’s earnings are guaranteed.

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Sometimes there are instances where one may try to play smart which might lead to one’s Google AdSense account being banned. Let’s run through how to avoid these occasions.

1.         Placing Ads to Trick People to Click

Getting a ban on your Google AdSense account will ordinarily manifest, when you place ads close to the navigation button to trick and confuse people into clicking.

It should be really clear where the navigation is and where the ads are.

2.         Do Not Click On Your Own Ads

People play smart in trying to increase their funds by clicking on their own ads.

By my own experience, this is really one of the quick ways to get your Google AdSense account banned.

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No matter how smart you try to do it, Google will find out based on different factors that will be put into consideration, among which is IP address.

3.        Do Not Encourage People to Click on Ads

Ordinarily, a random web user cannot just click on a website and start clicking on ads found on that website repeatedly. It is somehow!

Encouraging people, especially family and friends to click on ads can warrant a ban on your AdSense account.

Google may not find out sooner but later they will. This is quite easy for the AdSense team, as they will weigh different factors such as page views, impressions and so many factors in relation to the clicks.

4.         Placing Ad Code in Wrong Places

Before getting a Google AdSense account approval, some requirements must have been fulfilled by an applicant or intending user.

Upon approval, ad code should be placed in website approved by the Google AdSense team.

Placing ad code in other websites that are not approved can get your Google AdSense account banned.

5.         Placing Ads on Pages with Contents That Goes Against the Google AdSense Terms of Service

If you place your ad code in a page which does not meet the requirement of Google, your AdSense account can be banned.

6.         Different AdSense Accounts

This is quite rampant when people apply for other AdSense accounts.

Maybe they want to sell a website or maybe they want to one account per website depending on their intentions.

If you try to have multiple AdSense accounts, all your accounts can be shut down by Google.

7.         Where Ads Appear More than Contents

The whole idea behind Google AdSense system is simply not cheating the system!

Where ads on a page appear more than contents, you may likely have your AdSense account banned.

There should be balance of contents and ads on your website to avoid ban on your AdSense account.

8.         Placing Ads without Any Contents between Them

Google AdSense system just wants merit! That is how I can put it.

When you stack ads without any contents in between, you can get your AdSense account banned.

This may confuse or trick users into thinking they are contents, thereby clicking on them.

9.         Buying Traffic or Invalid Traffic

This is quite common for people to pay for fraudulent traffic or invalid traffic.

Invalid traffic is traffic that either does not come from a real user or a user without a genuine interest in the website/product/service.

It can come in the form of accidental or fraudulent clicks, bot traffic, crawlers and other sophisticated means.

The idea behind Google AdSense system is just that some advertisers pay Google to advertise different services, products, engagements and so on.

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As a user, having a Google account, Google pays you for revenue generated from clicks and traffic on your website.

Google will in turn see it as unfair to those advertisers as cheating for click on ads by yourself or encouraging others to do it for you and generating fraudulent traffic.

If Google can find out, you may have your account banned and the money generated from such fraudulent traffic will be refunded to those advertisers.

10.         Sticky Ads

Where a user checks out a website and such user is scrolling down without the ads on that website going away, it simply indicates that such ads are sticky and Google AdSense does not work that way.

There are cases where the network you may be working with supports such sticky ads like Ezoic or Monumetric.




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1 Comment

  1. George

    January 2, 2020 at 5:02 am

    How about if Auto Ads place the code where it isn’t supposed to be?

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