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After three years of severe ties, Apple revives licensing deal with UK-based chipmaker, Imagination Technologies that

Until 2018, Imagination Technologies was responsible for the provision of Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs) for iPhones and iPads

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In 2017, Apple made a public statement that it would stop hanging on Imagination for GPUs within two years.

The aftermath of which Apple started with it chips just with the release of iPhone X and iPhone 8 in 2018.

The stand of Imagination after the break up was the thoughts of many.

The aftermath since have been accusation of employee poaching and many more.

Imagination announces that it has it has replaced the “multi-year, multi-use license agreement” that the duo announced in February 6, 2014, with a new multi-year license agreement that will enable Apple to access “a wider range of Imagination’s Intellectual property” in exchange for license fees. Apple has not yet spoken about the deal.

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Chief Marketing Officer of Imagination, David Harold told EE Times, “We can’t comment on today’s announcement, but I think it’s one of several things Imagination has to feel good about as we head into 2020. We feel resurgent. Great new leadership, some excellent new senior talent, a groundswell of engagement in China, the launch of our best GPU ever to date in A-Series, and the industry starting to understand the value of ray tracing”

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