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Mobile app development industry is changing the face of business models, operating systems and marketplaces at an efficient rate.

By the end of 2020, mobile app market is sought to have reached around $693 billion.

However, here are 5 trends for mobile app development that are going to make an impact on the year 2020.

5 Trends for mobile app development to make an influence in the year 2020

1.         Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Famous mobile applications have come to a rise.

That is mainly due to the use of artificial intelligence. For example, there are applications that implement artificial intelligence.

Through those predict the user’s appearance when they are much older.

Both of these technologies have been a leading strategy for several top app developer Australia .

Not only does it help companies generate significant amounts of revenue.

It allows them to appear at a high ranking.

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It does wonders when incorporated within mobile applications.

Thus, adding valuable and noteworthy data alongside real time analytics.

2.         Growing Popularity of Chatbots

It has been concluded based on different surveys that 50% of the buyers are influenced to make a purchase with the presence of a chatbot.

Not only is it an effective method to impact customer relations.

It adds powerful features to mobile applications in order to be at the top within their industry.

There are only a few applications that made use of chatbots.

However, the main concern is that people are still unaware of the abilities chatbots hold on improving UI/UX services.

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Although, it has been the top app developer Australia that recognized the potential.

Even made of this approach to their own benefit.

Enterprises are expected to implement chatbots on a massive scale by the year 2020.

It is one of the best opportunities for businesses to integrate chatbots.

Also to upgrade their mobile applications.

3.         Wearable Applications Integration

Wearable technology is racing towards growth all around the world.

According to the statistics, the number of wearable devices is supposed to reach around 929 million in the next upcoming years.

And along with that, applications too are expected to grow drastically.

Becoming an essential part of our everyday lives.

In short, app developers and businesses are seeking for ways to collaborate with one another.

This is towards an end to provide an exceptional digital user experience.

Thus, having an edge over others within the same industry.

4.         Mobile Wallets

Given the importance of mobile applications within user’s lives, mobile wallets have been predicted to make a boom within the year 2020.

Not only is it going to allow users to access easier methods for transactions.

It also assist them with convenient platforms to make payments.

It is going to be a safe secure method to provide service to the users, decreasing the chances of thefts and losses.

Along with that, mobile application security is going to gain more attention by the developers.

Especially when mobile wallets are being integrated in easy access.

Hacking systems and scandals are going to decrease in number.

5.         Making Use of Beacon Technology

Beacon technology has been a part of our industry since a while now.

However, it is expected to come into action in 2020.

Thus, enabling businesses to connect effectively with their customers. This is without having to face hindrances.

We are most likely to witness beacon enabled venues.

Thereby making it easier for users to experience virtual tours that are personalized and secure.

It is going to allow people to experience different things without having to move an inch.

It does not end there, it is sought to make its way into the marketing industry.

Even to reach out across globe generating significant amounts of revenue.

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These 5 trends are expected to make a positive impact on the year 2020.

They are going to open a new era of advancement.

Thereby carrying us further into the future by enabling us to avail facilities efficiently.

Not just that, these trends are going to upgrade the business industry, opening new opportunities and goals.

This  will be accessible for all to achieve.

Look out for these trends in 2020, and implement them to stay at the top.

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