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Social media is considered to be one of the most effective platforms within the industry in this current era.

It has become an important part of marketing to create unique and bewitching content that appeals visually.

However, due to the sudden rise in this platforms demand it has become saturated, making it harder to gain attention from the audience.

For the same reason it has become essential to generate concepts that are out of the box, ones that can stimulate the viewers interests and engage them effectively.

Moreover, to assist you with making the most out of your content we have gathered a few applications that can help you create enthralling video content that boosts your business.

Here are 5 applications that can revolutionize the look of your social media posts.

1.         Spark Video

Spark video is famous for the services it provides. The tool is free of cost and the best part about it is that is has been built by a reliable software company.

Spark video can be easily used by everyone, it does not require the user to be an expert at creating videos.

Users have the option to add their own graphic designs, clips and icons along with texts, offering them a distinctive video content that stands out.

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Designers can even incorporate their own work into their video animation by the help of adobe library.

The platform furthermore caters with themes that are also free of cost, giving additional options to users to accessorize their video content and provide a personalized content.

The features do not end here, music can be added into the video without facing hindrances.

2.         Canva

Canva is yet another tool that is been under the use of many designers.

Marketers often opt for this tool to create flyers, social media posts and business cards.

The tool recently inaugurated their newer version that enables users to animate in different styles, out of which a few of those styles are free of cost whereas others cost a little.

The feature allows opportunities to brands in standing out and creating quality content that appears in the spotlight.

What makes this tool exceptional is that this tool can be used by people who have no previous experience in graphic designing, the mechanics are simple and easy to use making Canva user friendly.

As the design is completed, it can be downloaded either in GIF format or movie, based on what you require and where you wish to use it.

3.         Crello

Crello is very much similar to Canva and that is due to easy functionalities that both of the tools have to offer to their users.

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The only major difference between the two is that Crello allows the users customize their video content as pert their wishes whereas Canva has templates that can be mixed together to create one complete video.

All you need to do with this tool is to add texts, download the video and upload it on social media, clearing your way.

4.         Lumen5

This application has been widely used by businesses that wish to create content on a regular basis as a part of their marketing.

It is evident that businesses would want their content to be captivating and engaging, grasping onto their viewers’ attention and that is where this application comes to assist.

As per a survey, this tool enables users to bring concepts and ideas to life, allowing them to display their messages through video content.

The tool is free of cost and has features that support video content to be customized as per the requirements.

You can easily make an interesting video that influences the viewers to stick to the video content till the end it.

5.         Quik

Quik is an effective and efficient tool that can be used through both the major operating systems.

That is android and IOS, allowing users to compile videos together into a long movie.

The best part about video content is that it does not require to be too long, it will still manage to gain the attention it deserves.

The variety of templates present within the tool makes it easy to customize video content, without consuming excessive amounts of time and effort.

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These are the 5 tools that can boost the potential of your social media content, making it appear classy and captivating.

Not only is it going to help you create a brands personality but influence your viewers to participate to improve conversion rates.

Video content, whether its animated or a simple explainer video consisting images; it is going to make a major difference on how your viewers form an impression regarding your business.

Therefore, you must focus on the content you provide on your social media posts, making sure it ignites interests.

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